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Asbestos Insulation Picture

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kailas kadam says:

Which type of insulating powder is used in tHernal conductivity apparatus?

Lois Townsend says:

was asbestos made in wall insulation in previous years ? The 16x8 sheets that go in the walls?

Diane Smith says:

Been in contact with asbestus panneling in wall. Has been cleaned by professionals. I am worried if is still in the house in other rooms. Been tests before they let me back to my home but still finding building dust in other rooms. They were replaceing windows at the time and the astbestus was disterbed.

darcy says:

if asbestos insulation is suspected in attic,can it filter into house from ceiling fans.if so,how can i minimize it.would it be a big threat.

allen says:

Are these water pipes or hvac ducts wrapped with asbestos

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